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House Removals

Case Study – House Removal

Customer Requirement

House removal service.

Initial Contact

The client made an initial inquiry about moving to her new apartment from Reading to Sandford.  After the telephone conversation with the client, we made an appointment for a pre-moving survey to ascertain some requirements which include packing, volume, moving, loading, and unloading, insurance, and timescales.

Our Quotation Process

Our Surveyor then visited the client’s house a week before the move. During the pre-move survey, we asked numerous questions to determine the exact service required. A detailed summary of house moving was taken from the client and all the questions of the client were answered by our expert surveyor. Our surveyor then returns to our office and use survey details to process accurate house removal quotation. The quotation is then executed as per the client’s requirement and needs to be based on the packing required, vehicle size, Loading time, travel time, loading and unloading time, and finally to the destination and the return time. Our sales team emailed the detailed quotation to the client and the client accepted the house removal quotation.

Our Solution

Due to the distance involved, the removal was to be done in 2 to 3 days. The first day involved all the packing kinds of stuff including the hanging clothes to furniture, leaving them a space to have a comfortable night. On the second day, our team completed loading after the final check-up with the client the vehicle was ready to set off to the Sandford. The third day was the unpacking and setting of the things in the right place and the correct rooms. After checking on the things, where they actually should be with clients all the mandatory paperwork was done and our removal team was off to return journey.

Client Feedback

I would surely Recommend your Moving service team to anyone who needs happy, easy to go with, and quick services providing that to in the budget. Nothing was too much in helping me out. I am extremely satisfied with your team which is good at communication and they work as professionals.

Tammi Bere

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