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Our company Bella removal LTD is a blessing for you in tow. Our experts are specialized in packing, loading, and unloading, removal, and assembly of furniture. The company handles the packing of furniture, which involves disassembly, protective wrapping, and boxing up of articles. The movers oversee the loading and transporting of your furniture, using furniture pads, straps, and other moving equipment to make sure your furniture survive the journey in perfect condition. Additionally, our removal company offers cheap storage services in Guildford, which is useful If you are unable to move into your new home immediately. Our company provides cheap removal and storage, packing services in Guildford.


Our expertise comes to your home one day before, pre-determine the whole situation, will do a planned paperwork according to your demand to minimize any error or mistake for the further proceedings and provide you a fully-accredited service. After collecting the data and information provided by the customer we guide our team according to the exact need of the customer.

Safety and security

We know the value and importance of all your possessions and will ensure that each item will handle with utmost care. Our experts monitor the entire movement of your goods so not to damage any furniture. If you need to store your belongings, we provide you cheap storage containers in Guildford. We provide great protection to all your furniture with all measurement precautions.


Removing and moving furniture is not easy, it gets more difficult the bigger the items you need to move. It requires sufficient planning and consumes your precious time that you should be spending on more important matters.

Equipped and insured

We use specific equipment and means to protect your furniture, ensuring that your possessions arrive without any harm and damage. We have insurance coverage, our company provides compensation for loss and damage, giving you the peace of mind, you deserve.

Customer care

We have well-trained customer care staff. So, in case of emergency or you face any problem, our helpline is always working to put any of your concern to rest. We have an enthusiastic customer support system who are always ready to serve you through email and phone.

Own peace of mind

Our company professionals will be responsible for taking care of your belongings. They will be extra careful while moving your furniture so as not to damage anything. Throughout the furniture removal and storage process, we wish you to own peace of mind because we put all our efforts through hard work for your satisfaction.

All in one service

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